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Nigel was nominated for Olivier and What’s On Stage Awards for his performance as Granpa Joe in Sam Mendes’ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Trained at Lamda, Nigel has also starred in the original London productions of Wicked (2006), We Will Rock You (2002), Chicago (1997), Evita (1978) and the hit political satire Feelgood (2001), as well as the West End casts of Hairspray and Man of the Moment (1990). He has also played leading roles at the Bush, Lyric, Taverse, Young Vic, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Regent’s park Open-Air, Chichester Festival, Plymouth and Hampstead theatres.

“Nigel is something of a lucky omen in Theatreland, having opened in the roles of four separate West End musicals, Evita, Chicago, We Will Rock You and Wicked all of which went on to have phenomenal success and extended long-runs. So all bodes well for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which starts its previews at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane from the 18th May 2013”

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Nigel Planer is a founder member of the London Comedy Store and the Comic Strip clubs. He went on to star in the TV classics 'The Young Ones'(1981-4) and The Comic Strip Presents (1983-2015).

As Peter Mandelson in The Hunt for Tony Blair“…Nigel Planer gives the best comic performance I’ve ever seen...” Mark Lawson, BBC Front Row, 2013.

Since the eighties he has played a whole variety of leading and character roles, from Shine on Harvey Moon, Filthy, Rich and Catlflap, and The Grimleys, to King and Castle, Rollover Beethoven, and Two Lumps of Ice. From Boomers, and Frankenstein’s Baby to Blackeyes and Michael Palin’s Number 27.

He has also made guest appearances in French and Saunders, Jonathan Creek, Blackadder, The Last Detective, Grantchester, and Episodes.

As Sanford Shamiro in Episodes “…a note perfect cameo from Nigel Planer” Radio Times 30/06/12.

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Most recently Nigel appeared in Burn Burn Burn which premiered at the London Film festival. Previously, as the embarrassing dad in I Give it a Year, and as the serial killer in The List.

Other films include; The Flood, Virgin Territory, Bright Young Things, Hogfather,(LINK) The Colour of Magic, Wind in the Willows, Land Girls, Clockwork Mice’, Carry on Columbus, Brazil, Supergrass, and Yellowbeard.

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