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Jeremiah Bourne in Time

This electrifying first instalment of Nigel Planer’s Time Shard Chronicles trilogy takes a new and original look at the possibility of time travel, as Jeremiah Bourne is swept from his crumbling home in Blackfriars in 2019, to the same house but in 1910. Buy your copy in all good bookshops or online here here

Nigel’s book of Poems

This is a collection of Nigel’s poems written over the last 50 years. They are a blend of the comic, the silly, the serious and the self-pitying rants – though not too many of the latter! The joys of editing.

Published August 2023.

I, An Actor

"I, An Actor" Cover

“One of my five all-time favourite books.”
Lynne Barber, Observer

“mean-spirited, mocking, crude and perhaps the funniest book I have ever read.”
Morragh O’Brien, Midweek

Faking It

"Faking It" Cover

“…a sort of cross between Nick Hornby and Kingsley Amis… for all its playfulness and comedy… deals with serious moral issues…”
Lynn Barber, Observer

“Barry is a magnificent comic creation… Barry’s night at the men’s group is a perfectly placed comic scene balancing slapstick and wit”
Stephanie Merrit, Observer

“…intelligent comedy of contemporary manners…”
Wendy Holden, Daily Mail

The Right Man

"The Right Man" Cover

“Subtle, honest and hilariously funny, this is the Bridget Jones for the New Man…”
Elle magazine

A Good Enough Dad

"A Good Enough Dad" Cover

“A refreshingly unsentimental look at pregnancy and life with a small human”
 Parent magazine

“Every new dad will love it”
 Mother & Baby

Therapy And How To Avoid It (with Robert Llewellyn)

"Therapy and How to Avoid It" Cover

“A very funny comedy… probably the most succinct guide to psychotherapy you can buy, as well as the most sceptical”

“A wacky and timely call for the shrinks to come clean”

Neil’s Book Of The Dead

"Neil's Book of the Dead" Cover

Let’s Get Divorced

"Let's Get Divorced" Cover

Unlike The Buddha

"Unlike the Buddha" Cover

“full of anger and rawness”
Brian Patten

“…sharp and incisive…”
The Stage

“…from the outrageously funny to the shamelessly sentimental…”
Beeston Poetry Anthology

“…it’s difficult to know when Nigel Planer is joking and when he’s being terribly, terribly serious.”
The Independent